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 While positive thinking is useful for an attitude adjustment, the true source of empowerment resides in you experiencing your inspired thoughts alive in your body in the present moment.    – From, The Inspired Life

I’ve been hobbling around on crutches since June 15th when I fractured my ankle hiking in Los Angeles.  Since that time I’ve had surgery and have sporadically, throughout the day, imagined myself walking on my own two feet.  This thought has definitely nourished a positive attitude.

Then three nights ago I awoke from a wonderful dream, in which I noticed I was walking effortlessly with ease and grace.  In my dream I was elated as I walked back into the house and gleefully told my family, “I’m walking!”

I woke up feeling as though every cell of my body was now experiencing the I’m walking thought and this empowered idea was not grounded, taking root, in my body – in my being.

Are you experiencing your inspired thoughts alive in your body?

Inspired Life Exercise:  Experiencing Your Inspired Thoughts

  • Focus on an intention you desire.
  • Create an “I Am” statement that reflects your intention.
  • Close your eyes and using the full resources of your imagination create a scene of your intention fulfilled:  see what is in your scene; hear the sounds; smell the fragrances; taste the tastes; feel the feelings of your intention fulfilled.
  • Step into the scene and in the present moment embody and experience your intention fulfilled.

Daily Power Statement:  I embody my inspired thoughts, in the present moment, as a reflection of my commitment to live my inspired life vision.