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The most widespread disease of our time may well be “I can’t-itis.”  It is contacted by many of us early in life from our elders.  Society has mad a son of it that has neither rhyme or reason, but may be heard everywhere:

  • I can’t because I’m poor.
  • I  can’t because I’m sick.
  • I can’t because I do not have the ability.
  • I can’t because there is no opportunity.
  • I can’t because I am too old.
  • I can’t….I can’t….I can’t.

Few persons use more than a small part of the tremendous God-power within.  You can alter the pattern of harping on the same old “I can’t” tune.  Actually there can me no progress in the realization of prosperity until you do so.  It call for knowing, really knowing, that you are a spiritual being, living in a limitless spiritual Universe, endowed with the whole potential energy flow of the Universe.  – Eric Butterworth  From, Spiritual Economics:  The Principles and Process of True Prosperity

Do you suffer from I-can’t-itis?

Practice:  Transforming I-can’t-itis
  • During one day count how often you think/say you can’t do something or you come up with reasons why it is not possible for your to be successful in living your desires.
  • What do you notice about your dis-ease of I-can’t-itis by tracking its’ presence in your thoughts/words?
  • Make a list of new thoughts you can express when you notice that your I-can’t-itis brain pathway has been activated.  Here are some possibilities:  This is a possibility, I’ll explore it.  I have to get more information about this.  It’s worth lolling into.  I feel a bit skeptical but I know I can ask for help.
Today’s Power Statement:  When I notice I-can’t-itis has captured my attention I consciously re-focus my attention on I Can!