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A major gift of my fractured ankle is the time I am spending with my grandchildren.  Solange 10 and Rhone 7; and 95% of my time with them has been delicious.  They are such interesting people.  The sound of their laughter is a healing balm as my bones re-generate, mesh and become stronger; and their openness in sharing their thoughts about life is priceless.

In my book, Choose Peace and Happiness, I wrote a chapter titled Spend Time With a Child; and it is clear to me that this last unexpected month with children has definitely nourished my peace and happiness.

But whether or not there are children in our lives on a a regular basis, we can still get a does of inspiration from children – like the chills I recently experienced while watching the Shine!

SHINE! was created by the Spirit Sisters, a circle of girls in their third year of the Maiden Spirit program in the California Bay Area. The Sisters envisioned sharing their own unique message of empowerment with girls everywhere through music. Then they spent 9 months in co-creative collaboration with mentors, parents and creative guides to bring forth the embodiment of their inspiration to serve the greater good. The music, lyrics and imagery of Shine are all are generated by the girls. You Shine With True Beauty!

When was the last time you spent time being with a child or allowing the glorious child within you to shine?