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In the late 1970’s I participated in an est workshop (Landmark Education) and heard that humans are meaning making machines.  From the moment I heard those words I made powerful meaning out of them! and they have guided me in understanding that it is the meaning I attribute to the circumstances of my life that determines my experience.

While in every moment we consciously or unconsciously choose the meaning through which we experience life my recent fracture gave me the opportunity to practice my lemonade making skills.  Here is my June 17th journal entry:

Friday June 17, 2011

On Wednesday – a few hours before the full moon rose, while hiking I fractured my right ankle – actually I prefer saying that another part of me cracked open.  After the initial moments of excruciating pain while sprawled in the middle of the trail, as my dear friend, Melinda, went for help, I went right to the pain.  “How old are you?” I asked.  I immediately saw a 2 year old. As I noticed her I heard, “You don’t only have to stand on your own two feet.  You can ask for help.”

It’s now 2 days later – I’m sitting with my leg raised, in a cast and this journey is so very rich – including the shamanic healing in which the deeper wider me lifted the younger two year old out of the prison she had inhabited for 60 years.  As I write she is dancing and I am imagining the possibility that as I deepen and expand my capacity to give and receive love – to be love – that gentle openings will replace the need to be cracked open.

It’s a month since surgery and during this time I’ve marveled at the love and support that fills my life, the amazing wisdom of my body to heal  and how the conscious meaning I have given to this circumstance – as an opportunity to deepen and expand my capacity to give and receive love – has transformed this break into an opening.

Inspired Life Exercise:

  • Identify a circumstance in your life that generates pain and suffering.
  • What meaning are you giving to this circumstance – what do you believe about it; what do you tell yourself about it; how do you describe it to others?
  • Keeping in mind that you are a meaning making machine – create a list of new meaning you can apply to this circumstance. . . be creative, be silly!
  • When you notice you are focused on meaning that victimizes you – remember that you are a meaning making machine and re-focus your attention on an item on your list.
  • Read today’s post (July 20, 2011) by Mastin Kipp on The Daily Love:  Is This A Tragedy Or Is This Grace?

Today’s Power Statement:  I am empowered when I consciously choose the meaning I attribute to the circumstances of my life.