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The warriors approach is to say “yes” to life:  “yea” to it all.
Joseph Campbell

My Godson recorded a new voicemail message during the past week.  He says, “You’ve reached Ryan.  My answer is, Yes and I’m sending you Love.”  I have heard the message about four times since Sunday and each time I hear it my whole body bursts into a smile.  I called him a few minutes ago, and when he answered I said, “I actually called to hear your message!”

Saying, “Yes,” to life – to love is a potent reminder of the power of accepting what is.  This does not mean you are now stuck with what is, rather that you are acknowledging the present moment.  If you want to get from point A to point B the only way to get there is to start where you are – in the present.

Remember:  The present moment provides direct access to the most powerful moment that exists, NOW.  It is in the present moment that you have the opportunity and responsibility to choose where you focus your attention.

Practice:  Saying, “Yes”

  • Experience the present moment by saying, “Yes” to What Is, rather than getting entangled in the story, the whys and becauses. . .
  • Use the power of the present moment to choose the meaning you attribute to the circumstance and where you focus your attention.

Today’s Power Statement:  I say, “YES” to Life.