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Death is not our biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive – the risk to be alive and express what we really are.                                                       – don Miguel Ruiz  The Fifth Agreement:  A Practical Guide to Self Mastery

Are you fully alive and expressing the fullness of who you are?

Inspired Life Action:  Expressing the Fullness of Who You Are

  • In your journal or on a piece of paper answer this question:  Who am I?  (allow and write down all the responses that pop into your mind – for example:  a dancer, an artist, the world’s greatest love, a mighty expression of love in the Universe, a loving parent and generous friend, a kind-hearted grandparent, an inventor, a tinkerer, a co-creative partner with the greater field of life. . .)
  • When your list is complete choose the words that best capture the fullness of who you and and wrote a personal Power Statement expressing who you are.
  • Be who you are – in the way you dress, think, speak, feel and act – allow the fullness of who you are to be expressed in the world.

Today’s Power Statement: I Am (complete this statement expressing the fullness of who you are)