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      There is nothing like a hit of solitude to help you sort out what’s important in life.         – Michel Moushabeck
From, Kilimanjaro:  A Photographic Journey to the Roof of Africa

On a busy workday morning I was standing on a street in New York City awaiting my ride to the airport.  The noise of the city was loud.  People passed before me and I wondered, ‘How many of them are plugged into a phone call, music, text message or email?’  So I began to observe.  I noticed that approximately 1 out of every 4 people were plugged in.

I began to think about how little time people spend with their thoughts, noticing where they actually are in the present moment.  I wondered, ‘What is the cost of so little solitude?  How do people nourish a connection with themselves if solitude is eliminated from their lives?’

When did you last experience a dose of solitude to sort out what’s important in your life?

Inspired Life Exercise:  Solitude

  • For the next week spend time in solitude to listen to your thoughts, clear your mind, and choose thoughts that support your inspired life.
  • Aim for 20 minutes at a time, if this is too challenging begin with 5 minutes.
  • What do you notice when you allow time for a daily dose of solitude?

Today’s Power Statement:  Solitude is my ally, offering me the opportunity to connect with me, listen to the still small voice within and to sort out what is important in my life.