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Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. James Matthew Barrie

Many years ago, in the workshops I lead, I began asking the participants, “How many of you have mastered misery, suffering a sense of victimization?”  Hands around the room shot up.  I was with a roomful of misery masters.  As the hands went down I said, “Well, if you have mastered misery, there is really no reason to keep practicing it.  You can trust that when you need it, you will have access to it – since you are masters of misery and suffering!”  When the giggling subsided I said, “How about strengthening your happiness muscle – and becoming masterful at allowing sunshine in and through your lives?”

When you truly “get” that misery or happiness is your choice you open the door to to a happier more fulfilling life.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t face bumps in the road or that you will be free of loss, disappointment or circumstances that initially seem unfair.  What is does mean is that you can make the choice to acknowledge your feelings and to choose the meaning that you attribute to the circumstances before you – since it is the meaning you choose that generates your feelings, words and actions.

Are you spreading sunshine today?

Inspired Life Activity:  Spread Sunshine

  • Watch the Bring Me Sunshine Video

  • Share sunshine with at least 10 people today – send them the link to this blog, break out into a song in their presence, dance, smile, hug. . .
  • What happens when you allow sunshine to shine through you?

Today’s Power Statement: Sunshine is a gift I always have access to giving and receiving.  I generously share sunshine.