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If you judge people, you have no time to love them.   – Mother Teresa

Judgments are barriers that separate and divide people.  When you judge that someone is like you based on gender, age, race, education, financial status, religion, politics, sexual orientation, or any other category you can think of, then you feel connected to them.  When you judge others as different from you it is easy to think less of them, hate them through your criticism, or kill them in actual battle.

Making judgments enables you to easily forget that all beings spring from a common source and that we are connected simply in that we are living and breathing the same air at the same time on the same planet.

Judgments about yourself lead to low self-esteem, fear, self-loathing, and self-abuse in words and behaviors.   It is these thoughts and judgments that are the true barriers and obstacles to allowing yourself to live an inspired life and to take actions that would nourish your dreams.

Inspired Life Action:  Track Your Judging

Experiment for one day to become aware of the number of judgments you make about yourself, others, the weather, the government, etc.  Every time you notice you mare making a judgment – whether this is good or that is bad – put a check mark on a piece of paper or on your smartphone notepad.

Are you surprised by the number of judgmental thoughts that passed through your mind during the day?

Up the ante:  do this for seven days and for each judgment you make place a quarter in a container.  How much money have you saved by the end of the week?

Today’s Power Statement:  Noticing my judgments allows me to make a new choice – a choice that opens my heart to love.