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Blessed are the flexible, they shall never be bent out of shape.  -Anonymous

I’ve learned a lot about being flexible since June 15th when I fractured my ankle.  Learning how to get around on crutches required great physical flexibility on my part.  Looking back on those first few days of my intimate relationship with crutches I see now how stiff I was – I was actually getting bent out of shape.

During the past six weeks I have become much more flexible with my crutches filling in for my non weight-bearing right foot.  And while stairs remained a challenge, until I decided it was perfectly okay to take them sitting down, I became quite adept at getting around.

This experience has underscored that the real source of my flexibility is always in my mind.  When I thought, ‘I’m never going to get comfortable using these f#*#ing crutches,’ is when I had the most difficulty taking the smallest of steps.  When I thought, ‘Okay, take one step at a time – you can do this,’ I was pleased with my ability to pretty easily move from point A to point B.

As my dance with crutches comes to an end, during the past two week I have become keenly aware of the impact of the flexibility of my thoughts in preparing me to walk on my own two feet once again.

Two weeks ago I woke up from a delicious dream, in which I was walking while wearing my walking cast.  In the dream I noticed I was walking and ran back into the house, proclaiming, “I’m walking!”  When I woke up I thought, ‘Okay now I am embodying my desire to walk.  This is how the Law of Attraction works – feeling the feelings in my body to activate attracting what I desire.  And during this dream I know that all my cells were feeling the walking vibe!’

The next day I began the range of motion exercises my physician instructed me to begin.  I was thrilled to see and feel my foot moving again.  About two days later I was feeling exhausted and having a moment of wondering, ‘Will I ever be off these crutches?’  As I stood at the sink, washing the dishes, with my healing foot resting on a chair, I thought, ‘The novelty is over. I’m ready to be walking again.  These thoughts are just the preparation I need!.’

Then a week ago I realized I was afraid to put weight on my right foot.  I was scared about hurting myself.  I spoke with my son-in-law, Kevin about this.  He told me that it’s common for athletes who have been injured, after they have physically healed, to be afraid and hesitant to put weight on or use their body part that had been injured.  Kevin said, “This healing resides in your mind.  This is when you have to be flexible in your thinking.”

I thought about Kevin’s words during the next few days, and began to visualize myself taking steps.  At first, all I could imagine was putting my foot on the floor and standing still. Then when I allowed my imagination the flexibility to “see” me walking freely and gracefully I sensed it within my reach.

Then, two days ago, I simply stood up and easily and confidently took steps with my walking cast – crutch-free!

Inspired Life Action:  Be Flexible

  • If you feel stuck and bent out of shape regarding any circumstance of your life then:
  • Take a deep breath – this is a potent antidote for enhancing physical flexibility; and to be flexible in your thinking  consciously taking a deep breath will give you the space to ask yourself:  “What thought will support my desired outcome?”
  • Then listen to the response and flex your thinking muscle by thinking new thoughts.

Today’s Power Statement:  When I am flexible in my mind, I have access to focusing my attention on thoughts that nourish my intentions.