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Living an Inspired Life is grounded in the idea that life is a constantly evolving process.  Each of us is continually evolving our capacity to give and receive love and this is expressed in our relationship with ourselves as well as in all arenas of our lives.

One arena where there has been a lot of conflict both with ourselves and in our relationships is in the relationship between women and men.  As we each play our part in creating a more loving and peaceful world it is crucial that we become aware of both the challenges that have faced both genders in recent times as well as what it means to evolve and embody our appreciation of the masculine and the feminine.

On August 1, 2011 Changing Times Media uploaded a video:  Ending the Battle of the Sexes that provides visionary thinking for all of us who are committed to being leaders and peacemakers as we open our hearts and minds to being mighty expressions of love in the world.  Watch the video, post comments on this blog, share it with your family and friends and use the wisdom of Katherine Woodward Thomas and Jeff Brown as a springboard for evolutionary conversations with the people in your life.  (In addition this is a wonderful introduction to my colleague and friend, Katherine Woodward Thomas, the best selling author or Calling the “The One” and the co-founder of the Feminine Power Global Community.)