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The way we see the problem is the problem.
Stephen Covey
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

This sounds like a simple idea:  The way I perceive a situation – how I name it – determines whether it is a problem or an opportunity.

What do you see in this picture?

I recently got a call from a Coaching client two day after our session asking for an extra session as soon as possible.  She reported that at the end of our last Coaching session she felt hopeful and sure that she’d be successful living her inspired life vision.  She said, “I got off our call and said aloud, Yes, I can do this.  I have a Yes, I Can! attitude.” 

Now two days later her fears and I’m no enough-ness had begun to seep in.  She felt that she has fallen into a very familiar bottomless pit and before fear and hopeless totally overshadowed her Yes, I Can! attitude she wanted some Coaching – some guidance.

After acknowledging her for her awareness, I said, “before we schedule another session “try-on” the following idea:  Your old feelings of fear and not-enoughness have met the light of day of your awareness for you to evolve these patterns.  They have surfaced allowing you to make new choices in your thoughts and actions that are aligned with your dreams.  They have not surfaced as proof that you are a failure.  They have surfaced to support you in upgrading the software of your mind.”

She thought about this for a few moments and said that she was feeling her Yes, I Can! attitude blossoming.

I then suggested that rather than schedule an “emergency” Coaching session that between now and the time of our next scheduled session she become a detective and armed with curiosity she uncover the thoughts – her beliefs – that generate her fear and not enough-ness.  She agreed.

Below is the exercise she followed to stalk her beliefs – experiment with it.

Inspired Life Exercise:  Stalk Your Beliefs – when feelings of fear and hopelessness are the filters though which you experience life use this exercise to bring your beliefs to the light of your awareness:

  • Fill in the blanks in the following statement:  When I am feeling __________ (write your feeling); I am believing __________ (write your thoughts).  If you have more than one feeling then fill in the blanks for each feeling.
  • Ask yourself, “Are these thoughts supporting my inspired life vision?”
  • If not, what are new thoughts that support my Yes, I Can! attitude?
  • Think those thoughts that are aligned with your dreams.

Note:  The practice of transforming your beliefs, upgrading the software of your mind, can be challenging and surface many old painful feelings.  A Coach or Mentor can provide valuable guidance and direction.  Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute Coaching session to determine if you would benefit from Coaching. (Susyn@SusynReeve.com)

Today’s Power Practice:  My thoughts are the filters through which I experience my life.  I choose thought that nourish my inspired life vision.