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The spirit of fear is love inverted, or your own mental power turned against yourself.
-Marianne Williamson
A Course in Weight Loss

Where in your life is love inverted right now?

What would love do here?

Inspired Life Action: Transforming Fear

  • Make of list of what thoughts/situations generate fear in your life?
  • Give yourself some quiet time and:
  1. Thank fear for bringing to your conscious awareness that these are thoughts/this is a situation where you have turned your mental power against yourself.
  2. Go within to the wisdom of your heart and ask, What would love do here – what would love think and what actions would love take?
  3. Follow loves guidance.
  4. Acknowledge yourself for courageously facing fear with love.

Today’s Power Statement: I acknowledge the presence of fear as a call for love and I transform fear when I embody the presence of love.