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I was recently asked, by Dr. Shannon Reece, for creative advice about how to carve out “Me Time” in a busy schedule.  My response was:

I Did It!

When I’m overwhelmed by my To-Do List and the thought of meditating, going for a walk around the block or taking a 15 minute lunch break feels like another pressure, I create an “I Did It! List!” I stop what I’m doing, take a deep breath, focusing on the words, “Yes I Can” with my in-breath and exhale my stress, worry and tension.

Then I write (right!) a list of the tasks before me in the past tense (wrote my 3 blog posts; completed my expense report; followed up on proposals I submitted; picked-up dry cleaning; took a bubble bath). Writing in the past tense serves two purposes — first and foremost I begin to feel that, “Yes, I can do this, I did it!” and I get very clear about what I trust I can complete. My “I Did It! List” provides a simple breather and gets momentum in high gear.  (read more  “Me Time” suggestions)