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There are several psychological stages that we must successfully navigate in childhood in order to arrive at adulthood fully prepared for life.  These tasks include:

  1. leaning to trust others, as well as in the overall goodness of our lives
  2. learning to operate as separate, autonomous beings
  3. learning to take appropriate risks that demonstrate initiative and ingenuity
  4. gaining a sense of competence and mastery regarding the basic challenges of life, and
  5. developing a consistent personal identity

As long as we remain incomplete on any of these tasks, the development of a cohesive and solid sense of self is thwarted.
– Erik Erikson
Identity and the Life Cycle

Have you successfully navigated these stages of development?

Inspired Life Exploration:  Your Stages of Development

  • Consider Erik Erikson’s psychological states of development and do a personal assessment of your experience of these developmental tasks.
  • What are you learning about yourself?
  • Are there change you want to make?
  • What are they?

Today’s Power Statement:  I am an every evolving adult with my sense of personal identity rooted in being a mighty expression of love in the world.