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Courage – when your head is loyal to your heart.
Barbara Mayer
Living the Gift

Do you listen to the wisdom of your heart?

Inspired Life Practice:  Listening to the Wisdom of Your Heart

  • Allow yourself some quiet time to ask a question and listen to the wisdom of your heart.  Use one of the following questions or make-up your own:
  1. How can I get to know you (my heart) better?
  2. What is my next step regarding __________?
  3. What would love do here (regarding a challenging situation in your life)?
  4. What is a new point of view regarding this challenging situation?
  • Jot down the response you hear and take action based on the wisdom of your heart.
  • Remember:  You may find that you are unable to discern the voice of your heart, if this is the case spend some time exploring the first question and considering doing the exercises in Janet Conner’s book, Writing Down Your Soul

Today’s Power Statement:  When I am at a crossroad or stopped in my tracks by a problem, I allow the time to be quiet and listen to the wisdom of my heart.