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I’m inspired by Gil Williams – he’s the one on the left in the photo with his wonderful and also inspiring wife, Susie Rheault.  I have known Gil for over 30 years and while his professional resume as a Consultant to Organizations is impressive I am most inspired by who he is.  Gil is clearly a man with an open heart and a deep commitment to share his gifts and talents to contribute to a more loving and peaceful world.  Now retired from his Organization Consulting work he and Susie have embarked on a project to support the The Precious Orphans Children’s Home in Tanzania – the home to nine children who were orphaned due to the impact of AIDS on their families.  Gil’s life is an inspiring reminder that we each have the ability and capacity to contribute to the lives of others when we open our hearts and generously share our skills and resources.

Susyn:  What does living and inspired life mean to you?

Gil:  Following and trusting my instincts and inner wisdom. I also work at listening to others and what inspires them . . . the world is my teacher.

Susyn:  In your daily life, how do you nourish your inspired life?

Gil:   Slowing down . . . feeding my optimism and curiosity. Making room for meditation and getting out into the world.

Susyn:  What is your biggest challenge in living an inspired life and how do you approach this challenge?

Gil:  Slowing down and making sure the boat anchors of the world don’t take me to the bottom. Oddly enough as an optimist I need to remind myself that while there is much I can do I cannot do it all alone.

Susyn:  Who/What has influenced you in living your inspired life?

Gil:  Too many to mention but a few are Paramahansa Yogananda, Albert Schweitzer . . . my wife, Susie, who knows how to pay attention to what is important and gives so much to make the world a better place.

Susyn:  What are you working on now?

Gil:  The Precious Orphans Children’s Home in Nshupu Village Tanzania

Susyn:  What words of wisdom do you have for someone who desires to live their inspired life vision?

Gil: Listen to your inner voice (both the head and the heart) and trust that you can always (all ways) move toward that.

Watch how Gil and Susie’s commitment is contributing to The Precious Orphans Children’s Home: