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While positive thinking is useful for an attitude adjustment, the true source of empowerment resides in you experiencing your inspired thoughts alive in your body in the present moment.
From, The Inspired Life:  Unleashing Your Mind’s Capacity for Joy

About 2 1/2 weeks ago, nine weeks after I’d shattered bones in my foot, I began to feel the exuberance I’d feel when walking again – with a shoe on both feet and crutch free.  During this time I’ve been experimenting – first noticing I was afraid that I was to put any weight on my still healing foot, then slowly and automatically, while still using the support of crutches I gently placed the heal of my right foot, encased in a walking cast on the floor.  By the next week I had parted company with my trusty crutches and I was walking to the pool in Sedona, AZ with one shoe on and my walking cast.  I was feeling on top of the world and carefully gaining speed daily!

Now back in San Francisco, looking forward to returning to New York today after and unexpected 3 months in California I am sitting her writing to you with 2 – let me repeat – 2 shoes on, one on each foot!

What I know for sure is that my embodied thinking – my inner vision of wearing shoes and walking on my own two feet – is what has birthed my success today.

When we fully understand, grok, the creative process, we then can choose to use the infinite power of our minds in service of the visions birthed through our hearts.

Are you experiencing your empowered thoughts alive in your body?

Inspired Life Practice:  Experiencing Your Inspired Thoughts

  • Focus your attention on your desired intention.
  • Create an “I am” statement that reflects your intention.
  • Close your eyes and using the full resources of your imagination create a scene of your intention fulfilled:  see what your scene looks like, hear the sounds, smell the fragrances, taste the tastes and feel the feelings of your intention fulfilled.
  • Step into the scene and in the present moment embody and experience your intention fulfilled.

Today’s Power Statement:  I embody my inspired thoughts in the present moment as a reflection of my commitment to live my inspired life vision.