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After an unexpected three months in California, having shattered bones in my ankle, I flew back to New York on Thursday.  As I listened to reports of the impending arrival of Hurricane Irene it seemed, for moment, quite ironic that now that I was getting back on my feet (literally) I had stepped into the line of a natural disaster.

This has been quite a week – earthquakes in Virginia, Colorado and the one I felt on Tuesday night in California, that rattled the house for a few moments.  I woke up on Friday morning with a decision to make – leave for Massachusetts, where I had originally planned to spend the summer or spend a few days in East Hampton, NY and then make my way to the Berkshires.

In addition to listening to the news reports, I took some quite time and said, “OK, Susyn where’s the best place for you to be right now?”  The answer was immediate, “Go to the Berkshires, today!”  And that’s what I did.  I got into my car that had been packed for my summer vacation since May 23rd, and with two shoes on, I drove for the first time in three months.  The ferry ride from New York to Connecticut across Long Island Sound was delightful.

The drive through New England towns was enchanting.  As I breathed in the beauty of the landscape – the rich green of the leaves on the trees gently dancing in the breeze I began to think about the tornados, earthquakes, and now the hurricane that is traveling up the east coast of the United States.  This is what I thought:

There is so much very much dissension in the world right now.  Wars, genocide, intolerance.  People are discriminated against – at times violently – based on their race, religious preference, gender, sexual orientation, politics, age and every other “ism” that exists.  Is our energy of hatred, worry, fear being heard by Earth and she is allowing us to see the destructive nature of these points of view.  Do these natural disasters offer us the opportunity to truly “see” that we are One on this planet and open our hearts and minds to greater compassion, love and kindness for All beings?

So as I continued my drive I bellowed out, “I love the beauty of Earth.  Trees, you are beautiful – thank you for the air I breath.  Thank you Mother Earth for the potent reminder to honor you and all your children — including myself.”

As I write I notice the water gently flow on Stockbridge Bowl, feeling the summer breeze caressing my skin, the leaves on the trees are still and I am grateful, appreciating the beauty that is always present, when we take the time to notice.

Now it’s time for me help batten down the hatches. . .

My invitation to you:  I’d love to know your thoughts, how do you view the upheaval on the planet?   Does your heart open to greater compassion when you realize that at any moment life can change dramatically?