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As the winds of Hurricane Irene howled across Stockbridge Bowl (western Massachusetts) I was honored to be on a panel on a podcast, Conversations LIVE with Cyrus Webb:  “Living the Dream.” 

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On the 48th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech this special Conversations LIVE broadcast focused on how people today are heeding the words of Dr. King and making a difference through their own lives.

I clearly remember listening to this speech.  My parents were sitting in our living room with the TV on and called to me to join them.  I stood at the entryway to the room, mesmerized by the vision Dr. King painted as he shared his dream.  As I think about it now, there are those experiences in our lives that are so very powerful that we clearly remember exactly where we were at the moment we experienced them.  This speech was one of those experiences for me – just as hearing of the assassinations of John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and 9/11.

Listen to the Conversations LIVE podcast now and share your comments on how you are living and contributing to the dream that is ignited within you though Dr. King’s words.