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Many years ago, actually about 2 decades ago I set an intention to learn about energy.  I had learned that everything is energy, vibrating at a particular frequency.  I was aware of the impact of my energy, of my e-motions (energy in motion).  The feelings moving through my body when I felt on top of the world and the power of anger when I had taken something personally and wanted to strike out.

My experience had also taught me that it is the energy of unconditional love that can transform any hurt, any heartache and that I have the capacity to open my heart and mind to this powerful energy.  So today one day before the 10th Anniversary of September 11th, a time that calls out to us to deepen and expand our capacity to give and receive love I am sharing the wisdom of my dear friend and colleague, Nancy Privett, a wise woman in the ways of energy:

Energy Literacy:  How We Direct Energy

Did you ever think about someone only to have them call you a few minutes later?  Or spend several weeks imagining that something would happen, and then it did?  Or stare at the back of a stranger in a crowded room and have the person turn around and look right at you?  What was really taking place in all these cases has to do with how we innately and many times unconsciously direct energy.

Quantum physics teaches that everything is energy.  All physical substance, all our thoughts, all our feelings – everything is actually a vibrational force.  As human beings, we have the ability to direct this force.  We do this all the time without even being conscious of it, and we do it merely by focusing our attention on something. (read more)