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I’m always a bit awestruck when I meet someone and we immediately feel connected – as though our meeting is a continuation of a long ago bond.  This is the feeling I felt the moment I met Ryan.  While I’m 62 and he’s 26 we share a view of life and the world that is rooted in a deep spiritual connection with the Divine Loving Energy of the Universe and a commitment to open our hearts to continually evolve our capacity to give and receive love.

In this time of a major shift in consciousness that is occurring in every corner of the world I am filled with hope for the future when I am in the presence of people of Ryan’s generation who are committed to being the change they wish to see in the world.  And at the same time I clearly see that,  in my lifetime, consciousness has and is evolving – the commitment to act on the desire to be of service, to see our time on Earth as a precious gift, to honor the power of community and to acknowledge our co-creative partnership with the Greater Field of Life is expanding every day.

Ryan inspires me in so many way – one of which is reminding me that we each have a vital role in the paradigm shift of consciousness to a more loving world that is enveloping our world.  So I am thrilled to introduce Ryan to you and in the weeks and months to come I invite you to join our conversation.

Susyn: What does living an inspired life mean to you?

Ryan:  Living an inspired life means Knowing who I am.  This is a  deep, profound Knowing that I am not Ryan my personality, I am not Ryan’s things, his body, his job, his relationships, his failures or successes. I am Spirit, Energy, Source, Divinity. In this rememberance, I honor Ryan, my physical expression, for allowing Me to have a human experience. The is an inspired experience, an inspired life.

Susyn: In your daily life, how do you nourish your inspired life?

Ryan: Nourishing my inspired life is a constant commitment. It begins with prayer and meditation upon waking, being grateful for all that I have, Knowing that everything I experience – everything I have – is a gift through my co-creative partnership with God. Ultimately the best nourishment comes in the moments that I find myself pulled off center, off the gratitude – feeling victimized by the circumstances before me.  In these moments I get to remind myself who I really am by placing one hand on my heart and asking, “What would LOVE do now?”

Susyn:  What is your biggest challenge in living an inspired life and how do you approach this challenge?

Ryan:  The biggest challenge is “being” human! Being a human is a tough job! I approach this challenge again with a reminder that I am Spirit having a human experience. For a while, I tried to “know” this on an intellectual level.  Then, something clicked and I could FEEL the truth of who I am. I believe this came with faith, commitment and an open heart. Once we choose to know our truth, then the real work begins as we are present to our experiences, relationships and all the circumstances of life with an open heart – continually deepening and expanding our capacity to be beacons of love.  This work does not cease, and it begins to no longer feel like work, it now feels like love and life.

Susyn:  Who/What has influenced you in living your inspired life?

Ryan:  Community has proven to be the foundation that has supported me in living an inspired life. I surround myself with beautiful people who also KNOW who they are. We get to serve as constant reminders for each other. When I experience a lack of love for myself (some version of “I am not enough”) someone in the community always shows up to be the love reflected back at me.

Susyn, you have most influenced me with your constant stream of love. You create space for me to work things out and get back to my center. And I commend myself, for once the student was ready, the teacher (you, Susyn) appeared.

Susyn:  What are you working on now?

Ryan:  Service. Commitment to service. I believe we are here to love and serve. My service has shown up as a Creative Counseling business. I guide my clients through their creative blocks and resistance into their creative flow.  Through our work whatever block may appear becomes a stepping stone on their path to fulfilling their dream. Universal lessons that shows up in our creative work  that enrich lives.  I am honored to help others on their path.

Susyn:  What words of wisdom do you have for someone who desires to live their inspired life vision?

Ryan:  REMEMBER WHO YOU REALLY ARE. There is a reason we refer to sex as “making love”. In making love, my parents made me, therefore, who I really am is LOVE. So, now that I know I am LOVE, and I am here to love and be love, then all I need to do is be myself.

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