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Do you want to meet the love of your life?
Look in the mirror.

Byron Katie
Loving What Is:  Four Questions That Can Change Your Life

Did you know that your relationship with yourself serves as the blueprint for all your relationships?

Loving yourself is not an indication of arrogance, vanity, narcissism or self-importance. Actually it is just the opposite, loving yourself is an expression of respect, appreciation and gratitude for the magnificent, creative and glorious human being you are.

Think about this: Have you ever experienced a sense of awe, delight and wonder in the presence of a newborn or infant. They are a bundle of love – bringing a smile to your face just by being in their presence.They are filled with curiosity – as they discover their fingers and toes and then the world around them. You were once like this – whole in body-mind-spirit. Free of judgments about yourself. loving yourself.  (Read More and complete the How to Love Yourself Exercise)

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