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I don’t know about you, but I need as many reminders as I can get to keep me focused and centered on living my inspired life.  I wear a bracelet that belonged to my Mom and feel her loving presence with me.  I have photos on my iPhone of my family and friends and when I see those pictures I automatically burst into a smile from the inside out.  And my house is filled with special things that evoke the experience of love and peace within me.

Susyn at the East West Bookstore

Since September 13th I have had the additional advantage of sharing my new book, The Inspired Life, at book signings and speaking engagements.  At each event I’ve been reading from the book and talking about what it means to live an inspired life:

  • to be awake to our thoughts and feelings
  • to cultivate a loving and accepting relationship with ourselves
  • to use breakdowns as stepping stones to breakthroughs
  • to understand our co-creative partnership with the Greater Field of Life
  • to unleash our mind’s capacity for joy
Graham, Rudy & Caitlin

In addition to having the opportunity to hear my thoughts, I have the honor of listening to the questions and insights of the people present.  For instance last Wednesday, September 28th I gave a presentation at The East West Bookstore in Mountain View, CA (if you are in the area, stop by – this is a Fabulous place) and I was deeply moved by the openness of the participants to share about their challenges in living their inspired life vision.  The questions they asked were powerful:

  • How do I sustain an inspired life when I am surrounded by people who are negative and always complaining? (Consciously create a community of support.)
  • How do I cultivate a loving relationship with myself when I often feel unworthy and unloved? (Acknowledge yourself for being aware of your self-sabotaging thoughts, then choose a new thought.)
  • How do I discover my inspired life vision? (Answer the question, Who would I be and what would I do if I new I could not fail?)

I have written my brief responses in parentheses – these are a few of the questions that are addressed in The Inspired Life. I would love to hear your thoughts, so post your comments and join the conversation.