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Through the wonders of the Internet I met Matthew Fox about  five years ago when he contacted me through the WITH Forgiveness project Sheri Rosenthal and I created.  Through his newsletter Matthew was spreading the word about our work.  But this contact was just the beginning, I got to meet Matthew and his terrific wife, Sheri when they stopped in Sedona, AZ during a vacation (and I was living nearby).  Though it had been a snowy day outside I clearly recall our conversation which felt like I was in the midst of bright sunshine.  Over the years we have stayed in, being cheerleaders for one another.  This past summer, as we were both putting the final touches on our new books, I had the opportunity to read Matthew’s new book Growing Softly Stronger in the Cracked Places.

Susyn:  What does living an inspired life mean to you?

Matthew:  Inspiration means Spirit, Divine Source, lives within in my life.  Therefore, an inspired life means I consciously maintain that connection to Source.

Susyn:  In your daily life, how do you nourish your inspired life?

Matthew:  I believe all desires come from Divine Source.  Therefore, the easiest way for me to nourish my inspired life is to work within my desires.

Susyn:  What is your biggest challenge in living an inspired life and how do you approach this challenge?  My biggest challenge is balancing other people’s requests with fulfilling my desires.  I “know” that I attract those requests to assist me with my desire.  However, in the heat of the moment, I sometimes forget this.  My second biggest challenge is finding ways to fulfill my desire while meeting my financial obligations.

Susyn:  Who/What has influenced you in living your inspired life?

Matthew:  My life partner, Sheri influences me the most.  She recently released many of her old fears that blocked her ability to follow her inspiration.  Her new found courage is currently a great influence on my inspired life.

My recent experience of being arrested and jailed for six weeks that I write about in Growing Softly Stronger in the Cracked Places:  A Time of Challenges and Miracles inspired me to new depths of understanding in many areas.

The materials that influenced me the most in my inspired life are Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God.  Those books confirmed my new spiritual path and gave me the boldness to speak forth my Peace of Mind message.

Susyn:  What are you working on now?

Matthew:  I am currently working on several project:

  • Videos for The Peace of Mind Training Institute Seminars
  • My new website that was launched on my 50th birthday on 9/18/11
  • My next book, More Growing Softly Stronger in the Cracked Places

Susyn:  What words of wisdom do you have for someone who desires to live their inspired life vision?

Matthew:  Trust your desires by seeing them as Divine Source speaking to you.

Visit Matthew’s Website:  Peace of Mind News

Buy Your Copy of Growing Softly Stronger in the Cracked Places Today.  This is an honest and fresh story of struggles and events that happen to a real family and a normal person. How does a “normal” person become incarcerated for hugging their children and still come out of the experience with strong positive feelings? How would anyone react to a sudden arrest, upheaval of a family with 8 children, removal of children from the home, betrayal by extended family, unfounded accusations and indictment? This is a remarkable story of the dramatic events of this family chronicled by a man with the courage to share his story. Open your mind and experience the insights, conclusions and discovery of how the author achieved a phenomenal level of growth, love and understanding for people and events through his journey with the legal system.