The Inspired Life: Unleashing Your Mind’s Capacity for Joy

What is an “inspired life?”  Does it mean:

  • You are connected to an infinite source of loving energy?
  • You are whole, happy and content?
  • You experience life as a source of limitless creative possibility?
  • You appreciate and value yourself, generously sharing your gifts, talents and abilities with your family, friends, co-workers, community and the world?

These are the questions this book answers. Through definitions, quotes, exercises and meditations you will experience what an inspired mind is and how to nurture and nourish it in your daily life. This book is directed to those of us who need a push, a gentle reminder and a helpful nudge to open our minds and hearts to the vast creative potential and possibility alive in each moment. Are you ready to live an inspired life rooted in the sacred union of your heart and intellect and reflected in your thoughts, words and actions? It all begins with making a choice, with saying, “Yes, I choose an inspired life.”

Choose Peace and Happiness: A 52-Week Guide

Sprung from a workshop Reeve developed and taught at Mount Sinai-NYU Health medical center in New York City after September 11, Choose Peace & Happiness is a year-long structured guide to help readers find peace and happiness in their everyday lives.

How to Build Your Self Esteem Free E-book 

Here’s a sneak peek into what you will find inside the pages of our amazing e- book, “Improve Your Self-Esteem in Just One Weekend!”

  • Find out if you indeed do have low self-esteem
  • Learn to combat the negative inner voice
  • Use positive affirmations to celebrate yourself
  • Get help from those around you
  • Employing positive self-talk to get rid of the negativity

And so much more! This book is easy to read and will help you change how you feel about yourself!

Mind Manual System

  • Boost Your Self Esteem
  • Connect To Your Personal Power
  • Live the Life You Desire
  • Overcome Your Stumbling Blocks

The Gift of the Acorn

The Gift of the Acorn is an e-book that reminds us all that we are an expression of love. This sweet little book makes a great gift for friends…in a simple story format. The Gift of the Acorn tells us all that love sprouts from our hearts. Sometimes we just need a reminder and The Gift of the Acorn does just that!


3 thoughts on “Books”

  1. Jane Umanoff said:

    Your website /Blog looks & reads beautifully!!!! I’m so proud of you and what you have created!! You are an incredible inspiration to me!!
    Much love, Jane xoxoxo

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